Pro-Ana Police

this does not come from a hateful or hostile place.
Eating Disorders are diseases, NOT extreme diets. Using symptoms of these life-threatening mental illnesses not only makes a joke of the truly suffering victims plights and makes it even HARDER for us to receive proper treatment or be taken seriously in society, but also makes YOU, the pro-ana, susceptible to triggering a pre-existing tendency to disorder...whether that be yours or someone else's.

If you should find your blog here, it's likely because you posted something along the lines of the ABC or Russian Gymnast diets, referenced worshiping ~ana~, or generally are encouraging people to fast and starve with you.

You may be truly suffering. We don't know. YOU MAY NOT BE. Either way, this behavior is not only frowned upon by both the disordered and recovering community, but also by tumblr itself, AS STATED IN ITS UPDATED TERMS OF USE. So here, you will find yourself reported. i mean honestly just look at the url title that warrants a reporting alone

by joining, do you mean following the blog or..? also, nice theme. pink is my favorite color:)
pro-ana-police pro-ana-police Said:

no, if you “join”, you send me a message with your tumblr-login email (I won’t post it), and I add you to the blog. When you go to your email and click the link, effectively joining this blog, you will be able to make posts and report pro-ana and other illicit blogs too! :)

I keep clicking the "join" link but it keeps taking me back to my dash? idfk
pro-ana-police pro-ana-police Said:

I will find this solution! In the meantime, if you’ve messaged me your email, there should be a link to join in your email inbox.